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It's time for a new way to find and engage with content that levels you up.
Zero in on
‍‍one needle-moving article
each week.
Tell us your professional hopes, dreams, nightmares.
Tap the app each week for your personalized read.
Experience articles in a whole new way.
Dig in.
Highlight, react, discuss, save, compare, contrast, and organize what you read. All in crisp, beautiful formatting.
Team up.
Read alongside smart people in your role who are working on the same things.

Your personal strategist.

Get ahead with what keeps most people from sticking with learning —knowing how and where to focus 👀.

Align your goals with what you read.

Homeroom's recommendation engine can match content with business goals, promotion opportunities, next jobs, and whatever else you're gunning for.

Never miss a trend.

Jobs are changing faster than ever. Opt-in to topics that other people in your role are doubling down on.

Prioritize painlessly.

Balancing short-term learning needs with long-term knowledge building is complicated.

Like that friend who knows every restaurant, we're here to weigh in. On content. Not restaurants.